Digitalisation of teaching

Digitalisation of teaching and learning for centres of vocational excellence

The Digitalisation of Teaching and Learning initiative is designed to debunk myths and misconceptions by demonstrating how digitalisation in education can lead to efficient learning and teaching with minimal effort from both students and teachers. It is based on the assumption that only buy-in from relevant stakeholders, specifically teachers and students, can make the digitalisation of teaching and learning happen in a meaningful way. Top-down measures that do not take the experience of teachers and students into account will have little or no impact.

Launched in 2022, the initiative is part of the Industry 4.0 and Digitalisation priority area. When the global health crisis forced countries into lockdown, the system-wide implementation of digital solutions became every country’s top priority. Out of necessity, the digitalisation of educational ecosystems became scalable, despite limited resources. Thus, an unintended, positive consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic has been the realisation, among all relevant stakeholders, that remote working, teaching, and learning are possible thanks to digital tools.  

The first phase of the initiative will focus on the digital transformation of teaching and learning. The different aspects of digital teaching and learning have been clustered into three macro areas:

  • digital content and tools,
  • teachers’ digital competences
  • digital pedagogical methods. 

The main objective of the initiative is to develop partnerships with both EU and non-EU countries. Participating centres of vocational excellence (CoVEs) will have the opportunity to share knowledge and exchange good practice with each other and with CoVEs located in EU Member States. They will also benefit from customised cooperation and coaching programmes as well as have access to a pool of experts to further develop their own digital teaching and learning systems.  

The initiative’s outputs include:  

  1. a presentation of best practices in relation to three areas of digital teaching and learning; 
  2. a compendium of development projects on digital teaching and learning implemented through the support of the initiative;  
  3. recommendations and strategies to help CoVEs introduce digitalisation in teaching and learning.  

Members of the initiative will benefit from: 

  • access to proven tools and methodologies; 
  • access to professional coaching in partner countries; 
  • participation in peer-learning activities and opportunity to be inspired by peers;
  • access to a diverse network of public authorities, business associations, chambers of commerce, employers and schools; 
  • high visibility in Open Space, the ETF online platform.  

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