Developing national career development support systems

This ILO-ETF joint report discusses how career development support systems can be developed. Departing from previous research and policy work, this publication synthesises lessons learnt and proposes a methodology to perform national system reviews encompassing career guidance, career education and career development support to workers. The approach relies on assessment of key reference points, with strong contextual analysis, avoiding universal solutions for existing challenges. National stakeholder engagement is recommended to develop effective reviews and work towards a shared vision, priorities and planning for system development.

Career development support has become more important than ever. As digital transformation, greening of the economies, demographic shifts accelerate and surprising disruptions take place, individuals navigate an increasingly more complex labour market. At the same time, challenging realities remain in many countries that have high youth unemployment and large informal sectors. Activities such as career guidance, career education and outreach are key to help individuals upskill, retrain, move jobs and manage their livelihoods. Career development support is also key in achieving strategic objectives in educational, training and employment policies as well as to support sectoral skills development.

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