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PRESS RELEASE - European Training Foundation launches #MySkills4You initiative to empower youth in EU neighbourhood

Today, the European Training Foundation (ETF) launches its engaging initiative, #MySkills4You: a social media campaign that amplifies the voices of young citizens from the Southern and Eastern Neighbourhood and the Western Balkans, contributing to the conversation during the European Year of Skills. Through dynamic videos, the campaign sheds light on the perspectives of young citizens regarding crucial skills development in their countries.

#MySkills4You seeks to answer fundamental questions:

  • What do young people think are the most important skills?

  • What are their countries doing to support skills development?

Through a dynamic video campaign, the ETF has engaged with individuals aged 16 to 28 to understand their perceptions of what countries are doing to support their skills development. The initiative is organized in collaboration with the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Neighbourhood and Enlargement Negotiations (DG NEAR) and extends its reach through networks of Young European Ambassadors and EU Jeel Connectors from EU Neighbours South, East, and Western Balkans.

"The European Training Foundation is proud to launch #MySkills4You, a pioneering initiative that places the voices and skills of youth from the EU neighbouring regions at the forefront during the European Year of Skills,” said Pilvi Torsti, ETF Director. “This initiative has been made possible thanks to the support of the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Neighbourhood and Enlargement Negotiations and its invaluable networks of young citizens from EU Neighbours South, East, and Western Balkans: a great example of a cooperative approach for positive long-term impact."

Running until April 2024, the campaign encompasses a diverse array of skills and talents, each contributing to the broader narrative of skill development in their respective regions. Beginning with Tamara Stojković from Serbia, highlighting resilience for positive change, the journey continues with Nataliia Balitska in Ukraine, a proponent of self-improvement and proactivity. Montenegro's Igor Čulafić joins the ensemble, advocating for creative IT skills to empower local communities. Heading to Egypt, Abdallah Emad blends public speaking and leadership for youth empowerment. Silvana Farruku from Albania disseminates opportunities through research, followed by Moldova's Daniela Plămădeală and Valeria Cabac, advocating for a holistic approach in data science. Armenia's Sophie Abrahamyan and Azerbaijan's Nargiz Aliyeva stress balanced public speaking and STEM advocacy, respectively. Finally, in Georgia, Mariam Ketsbaia underscores the vital importance of communication and teamwork skills. Together, their voices harmonise, calling for a skilled and interconnected future.

The #MySkills4You initiative is open to all, providing a platform for individuals to contribute their perspectives on skills. Everyone can join in this collaborative endeavour under the hashtag #MySkills4You towards advancing skills development and add their voices to the conversation.


The European Year of Skills aims to address skills gaps in the European Union and boost the EU skills strategy, focusing on digital and green technology skills. It will support skills-related activities and events across Europe, promoting investment in training, ensuring skills match the needs of employers, and attracting people from outside the EU with the required skills.

The European Training Foundation (ETF) is the European Union agency that supports neighbouring countries in reforming their education, training, and labour market systems. It currently collaborates with 28 partner countries, mainly in the context of EU enlargement and neighbourhood policies. It is headquartered in Torino, Italy.

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