Vocational Education and Training: Focus on quality

(Turin, 11 April 2019)  In order to foster the cooperation and facilitate the dialogue between EU neighbouring countries, the ETF has established in 2017 a Forum for Quality Assurance, a network of experts working on the issues of quality assurance. On 10-12 April 2019 the meeting of the Forum took in Tunis, Tunisia.

Quality assurance is an important tool to make sure the vocational education and training (VET) is effective and relevant. The ETF is working to support EU neighbouring countries in improving the quality of their VET systems.

Central to the meeting is the training for, and piloting of, the ETF Forum`s approach to Peer Visits. This peer learning approach includes peer assessment of, and feedback on, the effectiveness of quality assurance measures related to a selected vocational education policy area. The aim of the training is to strengthen the capabilities of Forum members to self- and peer- assess the vocational education’ quality assurance policy and practice, both at transnational and national levels.

The event includes formal training sessions on the Peer Visit process and a guided ‘learning by doing’ process in the context of a pilot Peer Visit. Both the formal and non-formal training are in line with the ETF Forum’s Peer Visit Guidance and Training Manual - Working Paper.


"The peer visit is a very important event for Tunisia as it is very closely related to our effort of ongoing VET reform programme. The topic of the peer visit in itself, certification of pedagogical training delivered to trainers, is in the phase of design. With the peer visit activity, all colleagues from the ETF Forum can be an external eye and give us their views on what could be improved. The ETF forum approach to peer visits was guiding us in the preparation and implementation of the peer visit. A very important point is ownership of the peer feedback by the national stakeholders, thereby involving all the national stakeholders in all the phases of the peer visit" said Fayçal Ben Brahim, Director of Evaluation and Training Quality, Ministry of Vocational Training and Employment of Tunisia and The National Contact Person for Tunisia in the ETF forum for quality assurance in VET.


Background Information

The ETF Forum for Quality Assurance in Vocational Education and Training (VET) is a transnational collaborative scientific network of national-level institutions with a VET and/or a VET quality assurance mandate in sixteen partner countries in the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean and South-Eastern Europe regions and Turkey. The ETF Forum is a collective effort. Members collaborate to improve quality assurance in VET by pooling knowledge and know-how, monitoring and reporting on national developments in quality assurance, engaging in joint projects and disseminating good examples of policy and practice.

To know more: https://www.etf.europa.eu/en/practice-areas/assuring-quality-vocational… 

For information requests, please write to: info@etf.europa.eu

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