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Understanding 'working life in Ukraine': a joint endeavour by Eurofound and the ETF

In the context of Ukraine’s newly acquired status as a candidate country to the European Union, a new Working Life Country Profile for Ukraine has just been published by Eurofound (the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions), and the ETF.

The profile describes the key characteristics of working life in Ukraine with relevant background information on the supporting structures, institutions and regulations. Indicators, data and regulatory systems are provided on: actors and institutions, collective bargaining, industrial action, individual employment relations, pay, working time, health and well-being, skills and training, and equality and non-discrimination at work.

“The publication of this document represents an important milestone in our collaboration with Eurofound,” explains ETF Director ad Interim, Xavier Matheu.

The report covers the period from 2018 to August 2022 with attention given to the impact of the Russian aggression against Ukraine on the economy, labour market, working relations and conditions, education, and skills development. It is an important milestone for the identification of current policy developments and challenges in helping Ukraine on its pathway towards accession to the European Union.

This publication is one of a number of joint activities between the two EU Agencies, which also include a new survey for EU neighbouring countries in recent months with a joint Eurofound – ETF factsheet to be published next month that sheds light on living and working conditions, including access to education and training, across EU Member States and many neighbouring countries.

“At the ETF, we have learnt a lot from our collaboration with Eurofound on novel research instruments,” says Cristina Mereuta, ETF human capital development expert, “we hope to continue this excellent collaboration and strengthen and build upon this knowledge network in the future.”

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