Torino Process Kosovo 2023

Torino Process Kosovo: Integrated data systems crucial for monitoring vocational education and training system

Torino Process findings, Pristina, 6 October 2023

“It’s nearly all about data. But not only.”

Such were the comments from the dissemination meeting today in Pristina of the latest round of the Torino Process findings with national authorities, experts and stakeholders in vocational education and training (VET) in attendance.

This sixth round of the Torino Process introduced a new robust monitoring framework allowing for a greater monitoring of progress and international comparison.

Majlinda Rizvanolli, External Advisor for Vocational Education and Training, Ministry of Education, Science, Technology, and Innovation of Kosovo, accompanied by Kushtrim Bajrami, national Torino Process expert presented the findings as a result of extensive data gathering initiated in 2022 and completed in 2023 focusing on three major areas: access to learning, quality of learning and system organisation.

The findings of the Torino Process acknowledge the progress that has been made in Kosovo in recent years. Discussions focused on the obstacles faced by the Kosovo VET system in gathering, applying, and integrating data, which might hinder policy optimisation and resource allocation notwithstanding the quality assurance mechanisms in place and an above-average level of international exposure.

Interestingly, a bias found in international comparison of the monitoring results of Kosovo demonstrated greater tendency to be self-critical in self-assessing the performance of national VET policy and system, which may mask areas of achievement and prevent the identification of good practices.

Participants to the meeting agreed that ensuring better data collection and integration is a top priority to ensure progress is properly captured for the next round of the Torino Process. Moreover, in a constructive and lively discussion they reflected on their tendency for self-criticism and how with moderation, recognition of achievements, and a focus on the future it represents a healthy instrument for ensuring the VET system effectively meets the needs of learners and stakeholders within a lifelong learning perspective.

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