Torino Process 5.0

ETF has launched the fifth round of the Torino Process

Today, 5 December 2018, the European Training Foundation (ETF) has launched the fifth round of the Torino Process. Conducted for the first time in 2010-11, the Torino Process is a participatory evidence-based assessment and analysis of the human capital development issues facing each of the countries neighbouring the EU and policy responses to them. In all, 27 countries will participate in the fifth iteration of the ETF’s flagship initiative, which will take place over 2018-20.

Stakeholders from 27 nations are meeting in Turin today to take stock of the latest developments in the Torino Process and discuss its implementation over the next two years.

"I have seen the Torino Process develop as an important instrument for cooperation.” said ETF Director Cesare Onestini opening the meeting. “Education and training is key to partner country relationships with the EU, and the Torino Process enables the mutual understanding of programme needs and reforms in VET systems."

The country-by-country and regional analyses resulting from past rounds of the Torino Process have been put to a variety of uses including policy dialogue, interinstitutional cooperation, policy and strategy development and monitoring, project and programme design and donor cooperation and joint programming.

"I'm a user rather than a producer of Torino Process reports” said Romain Boitard, of the EU Delegation to Montenegro. “No other sector has such readable and intelligible material with which to attract attention from donors. When I share Torino Process documents at donor platforms people are amazed by the structure, accuracy and regularity of the evidence base."

The ETF’s partner countries are increasingly appreciative of the Torino Process as a tool for steering the development of their vocational education and training and skills development systems.

"We were one of the pioneers of the Torino Process in 2010” said Viktoria Karbysheva, Torino Process national coordinator for Ukraine and Deputy Director at the Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science. “For the future, my objective…is to demonstrate the importance of quality in the reports. These are not reports for the sake of doing reports, but as an important tool for national and regional planning and development." Ukraine is one of four countries neighbouring the EU that are implementing the Torino Process at regional as well as national level.

Other countries, like Kazakhstan, are moving towards making the Torino Process an institutional part of their national and regional policy cycle. As Sanzhar Tatibekov, Head of Department at Kazakhstan’s skills agency "Kasipkor", explained: "The Ministry of Science and Education…has allocated a specific budget line for Torino Process activities at regional and national level…It shows the importance of the Torino Process for improving and developing the vocational education and training system across the country."

New features of Torino Process 5.0 are a broader focus on human capital development, including all levels of education, rather than only vocational education and training; an increased focus on policy-relevant conclusions; and a more open and flexible analysis and reporting framework. An important new aspect is that each country’s national report will be enhanced by a concise and analytical external assessment carried out by the ETF.

"There is no single solution that is transportable to every country” said ETF Director Cesare Onestini. “But by sharing and learning from each other's experience we can find solutions that work. That's why we're building on the success of the existing Torino Process format, and introducing innovations that will create a new strategic orientation to help our partner countries make the most of the opportunities and challenges of the future."

The fifth round of the Torino process will be carried out over 2018-20, with the results being presented at an international conference in 2021.

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