Share your story of learning in lockdown!

Do you have a story to share, on how you are coping with social distancing in education and training? 

LearningConnectsHave you discovered useful tools? Is someone offering you online training? Have you developed creative solutions to compensate the lack of resources? Would you like to inspire others, and reinforce the solidarity within the global learning community? If so, share your personal stories on how you are coping in your country, in your town, in your school, your class, your family and even with yourself.

You can contact us as follows:

  1. Record a video, write a short text, or send us a picture with a caption,or just write a short message;
  2. And include the following phrase "I agree to the ETF sharing my first name (not the family name) and the story I have shared with the ETF (written text, photos, or videos; either in the original version or in an edited one) on the ETF's communication platforms (this could be the ETF's website, OpenSpace, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and others)"
  3. Email us at learningconnects@etf.europa.eu (Daria and Laura); Or send a private message on our social media accounts (on Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram) at @etfeuropa.

More here: www.etf.europa.eu/learningconnects

We look forward to receiving your stories! #LearningConnects all of us, beyond geographical limits and crisis. 


Join the OpenSpace community!

Follow the link to Open Space where you can also directly share your experiences and connect with a growing community of professionals in the field of education and training and skills development. 

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