Pilvi Torsti

Pilvi Torsti joins the ETF as new Director

As of today, Dr Pilvi Torsti is the new director of the European Training Foundation (ETF). An expert in education policy with extensive experience in the public sector, academia, and civil society, prior to her appointment Torsti served as a State Secretary in three ministries in Finland: the Ministry of Education and Culture 2013-2015, and Ministry of Employment and Economic Affairs & Ministry of Transport and Communications 2019-2023. From 2017 to 2019, Pilvi Torsti was an MP and a member of the education and future committees of the Finnish parliament.

In a recent interview, Pilvi Torsti said: 'This job [at the ETF] brings together everything I have done professionally as well as my passion for education, science, training, and developing skills.' Commencing her duties during the European Year of Skills, Torsti points out: 'Skills are crucial in helping us to adapt to change and create a sustainable future. I think it’s a logical choice, as skills are relevant to everyone, regardless of age or background. Furthermore, I think the emphasis on skills is a way to make change more accessible and tangible to people. Additionally, skills are crucial for promoting economic and social development and overall, I think nominating this as the European Year of Skills of investing in people. This is a great opportunity for the ETF to showcase the impact of its work and the expertise that it has built up over three decades.'

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