ETF at EVSW 2020

People making change: meet our experts

The European Vocational Skills Week 2020 is already mid-way. Behind conferences, papers and researches, there is always someone working to prepare content, and provide countries with updates and guidelines on developments on the field - to give citizens better opportunities for their future.

To show these behind-the-scene stories, last year the ETF launched an initiative called #MeetETF, taking place during the Week. Also this year, on a daily basis the Agency's social media handles will be covered by input and stories from the experts that make the change happen in vocational education in the EU neighbouring countries.

This year, the ETF is presenting the stories of:

  • Cristina Mereuta, labour market specialist who researches on training measures to fight unemployment;
  • Francesca Rosso, expert on new skills emerging in the market;
  • Manuela Prina, expert in supporting enterprises in skills development;
  • Ulrike Damyanovic, expert on the Western Balkas area;
  • Olena Bekh, senior human capital development specialist.

The whole video collection is visible on the ETF's Instagram page.

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