Moldovan teachers going digital

Digital skills are one of the key competences to access the job market, and have a huge impact on teaching methods. According to some recent statistics [ETF Experts], vocational education and training teachers in Moldova are increasingly aware of the importance of learning and teaching ICT skills.

Data shows that around 65% of vocational education teachers in the country expressed the need for training in ICT methodologies for teaching. Also, three out of four teachers claimed that professional development in new technologies has a moderate, or even a high, high impact on their teaching.

Use of digital resources by vocational education teachers in Moldova

Use of digital resources by vocational education teachers in Moldova. Source: ETF.

Despite teachers awareness on their need to increase their digital skills, some challenges are to be further addressed:

  • Teachers need to be further qualified to deliver ICT-based teaching;
  • vocational education and training should become closer with ICT business.

Moldova is showing an overall good trend regarding ICT as some international rankings shows (2018):

  • 59th out of 175 countries for ICT Development Index;
  • 65th out of 193 countries for e-Government Readiness Index;
  • 46th place out of 128 for Global Innovation Index;
  • 71th out of 139 countries for Networked Readiness Index Business - usage of ICT is the lowest pillar (3.2 out of 7 points).


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