#LearningConnects – What can Turin teach us?

Highlights from the City of Turin on dealing with learning under lockdown due to the COVID-19 crisis.

The role of the city is to "create the ecosystem to make it possible for all players, public and private, citizens, practitioners and students to develop solutions together” says Marco Pironti, Deputy Mayor of Turin, speaking to ETF on 1 April together with other key actors on its response to the COVID-19 crisis, as part of our #learningconnects campaign,.

Read more on what Turin can teach us and see the video clips of the interviewees on the ETF Open Space.

Mr Pironti stresses the importance of building on existing skills and technological developments to address the specific demands of the COVID-19 emergency, and at the same time to change the paradigm of how we learn, how we work and how we collaborate.

Isabella Del Vecchio, Head of Pedagogy and Gender Opportunities, at  ENAIP Piemonte, a major training provider, gives insight into how it shifted rapidly to online teaching and training following school closures, in effect in Italy since 5 March 2020. ENAIP has continued to maintain and adapt learning and enhance its student centred approach, particularly for vulnerable learners.

Davide Gelati, a teacher and tutor specialised in digital learning at ENAIP,  highlights the necessity to sustain relationships with students and families, and the role of support networks amongst teachers. And Nicola Farronato, a tech entrepreneur and innovation advisor to the City of Turin, tells of the efforts by the City of Turin “to leverage any creative way to equip as many families as possible with proper devices and connectivity to do e-learning”.

Watch the interviews on the ETF Facebook page below.


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