Joining the efforts in Southern Mediterranean

ETF and Mediterranean Universities Union to cooperate in the region

The European Training Foundation and UNIMED – Mediterranean Universities Union have signed a declaration of intent to strengthen institutional capacities in delivering quality education and training in the Mediterranean region. Two institutions will boost the cooperation enhancing information and knowledge exchanges on themes linked to:

- entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial learning

- employability

- career guidance and vocational training.

One of the key elements of the joint actions is to promote policy dialogue and mutual exchanges between schools and academia and other stakeholders, including enterprises, labour market stakeholders and national, regional and international labour authorities, in order to contribute to improve social cohesion and achieve more sustainable economic growth through the reform of education, training, and labour market systems.

The cooperation will be implemented at the country, regional and global levels as mutually agreed.


Mediterranean Universities Union is an association of Universities from 23 countries of the region, counting 112 associated Universities, which aims to develop university research and education, and contribute to scientific, cultural, social and economic cooperation, including through promotion of mobility, planning and fund-raising activities, creation of thematic sub-networks for scientific collaboration, fostering multi-stakeholder dialogues at the national and regional levels.

Background: EU in Southern Mediterranean

The European Union concluded Association Agreements with each and every Southern Mediterranean country (except Libya and Syria), which were subsequently complemented by European Neighbourhood Policy Action Plans that include actions to promote employability, stimulate entrepreneurship and encourage access to education and training.


➡️To know more about ETF support in Southern Mediterranean region:!nd46xM

➡️To know more about UNIMED:



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