Formative assessment is a key to improve teaching and learning

The assessment of the pupils stands in the core of the education and training systems. And with COVID-19 pandemic, the evaluation of the learners' progress became even more challenging. The tools and methodologies of the formative assessment are many and they might have a big impact on the learning itself. 

The ETF has organized a thematic webinar to present and increase the knowledge on different concepts underpinning formative assessment. Several methods to conduct formative assessment will be presented. 

An example from Georgia is going to be presented, where the physics teacher Dr. Songulashvili has developed a virtual reality simulator that allows teachers to observe the students when they complete their assignment. Thanks to this software, the teacher can identify some specific challenges of every learner and help students to progress with their learning.

Florie Bega, teacher from Albania, together with Irea Mati, student from Albania, will talk about how they tackled the distance learning during the lockdown period. They will present to the audience how they've managed to continue the learning process, including the evaluation of the student's progress. 

Some additional examples from Tunisia and Spain will be also presented and discussed at this webinar.

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