Kornelia Slovakia Teacher Booster

ETF launches Teacher Booster: a series of short videos that will give educators a boost, as the world braces for a second lockdown

Episode One features Kornélia Lohyňová, teacher from Bratislava, Slovakia

Some of us love working in teams. Some of us find it more natural to work alone. But we all know that “collaboration is inevitable” – as pointed out by the inspiring educator we’d like you to meet today, Kornélia Lohyňová

A team that works well together has become a priority goal for people managers and educators globally – yet remains difficult to achieve. True collaboration requires good relationships and a safe environment, which in turn are built on a foundation of self mastery, emotional intelligence and empathy and respect for others.  

These are the themes Kornélia touches on in the video below, in the context of collaborative learning. She approaches the EntreComp PlayBook, where collaboration is one of the nine principles that can guide the design and implementation of entrepreneurial learning.  

“No successful projects or ideas are just the result of one person,” Kornélia argues in the video introduction. 

She shares the experience of her first failed project, her method of teaching students how to collaborate, project management techniques, and the tools for self-exploration and building relationships with which she empowers her students. In her own words, “I need to know my strengths. I need to know my emotions and how to manage my emotions. And then of course I can develop my empathy for others.” 

Kornélia teaches Hotel Management, Tourism Business and Economy at the Hotel Academy in Bratislava, Slovakia. She is an ambassador of eTwinning and a moderator of an eTwinning group, “Entrepreneurship in Education” with more than 5000 members. Kornélia has created an Entrepreneurial learning toolkit for teachers called “EntreLearn”. Her curriculum uses extracurricular activities and international projects as a means of engaging students in the classroom.  

If being a “lazy teacher” sounds like something you would like to try, while also empowering your learners with competencies for life, spend 14 minutes with Kornélia: 


This video is part of a series called the Teacher Booster – aiming to do exactly that: give educators everywhere a boost, as the world braces for a second lockdown. In this series, education innovators from both the EU and the ETF partner countries share their “trade secrets” with the global community of teachers and trainers.  

The Teacher Booster videos do not provide three quick tips, or five easy steps to being a better teacher. They invite you into each speaker’s private space, where a real exchange of ideas can happen.  

The Teacher Booster video series is a product of the the European Training Foundation’s Creating New Learning (CNL) initiative, which “explores how successful developments in education (…) can be multiplied, transferred and sustained.” From innovative trends to grassroots models, CNL collects resources and ideas on how education and training professionals can support new ways of learning. These new approaches to education and training must be better suited to the current state of the world – at all stakeholder levels. The Teacher Booster series is also supported by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre


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