Education for peace, education for people

Since we were created more than a quarter of a century ago, the European Training Foundation has worked to support human capital development in the EU neighbourhood. We’ve always been guided by the principle that lifelong learning helps people find employment, realise their potential and contribute to prosperous, innovative and inclusive societies. We’ve always been guided by the EU values of peace and democracy, and respect of human rights.

In these dark days, defined by European Commission President von der Leyen as a “a watershed moment for Europe”, we would like to reaffirm that we stand for peace and we stand for people. We do believe deeply in the principles which drive the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights: "The peoples of Europe, in creating an ever closer union among them, are resolved to share a peaceful future based on common values". As highlighted yesterday in the European Council’s conclusions, “The EU is united in its solidarity with Ukraine and will continue to support Ukraine and its people together with its international partners”.

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