Comparing qualifications frameworks for inclusion

Comparing qualifications frameworks for inclusion: A Ukrainian case study

On Wednesday 15February, the European Commission launched its report Comparison of the European Qualifications Framework and the Ukrainian National Qualifications Framework, written jointly with Ukrainian and European partners, and the European Training Foundation. The report, published on the Commission’s Europass website, is the result of a pilot project exploring the value of comparing third countries’ national qualifications frameworks with the European Qualifications Framework (EQF). It is an important step in facilitating the recognition of qualifications and skills between EU member states and non-member states, improving cross-border career, employment and study opportunities for individuals, and ensuring companies and economies make better use of skills.

Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine on 24 February 2022 has underscored the importance of comparing qualifications frameworks. The invasion not only hastened Ukraine’s request to strengthen its ties to the European Union (EU), but it forced the movement of millions of displaced Ukrainians to the EU. In order to face the influx of Ukrainians into the EU, the Temporary Protection Directive was passed unanimously on 1 March 2022 conferring special rights to Ukrainian nationals fleeing the war, including the right to housing and employment in any EU member state for up to three years. To facilitate the integration of displaced Ukrainians into EU labour markets and to ensure they can find jobs that match their skills, their qualifications need to be understood. This comparison report makes it possible by demonstrating how Ukrainian qualifications compare with the EQF.

This report is the first of its kind and the in-depth comparison and analysis will prove to be a useful tool for practitioners, policymakers, educational institutions and citizens alike, both in Ukraine and beyond. The report is part of the European Commission’s wider initiative to work with countries outside the EU as outlined in the 2017 EQF Recommendation. 

Europe is standing with Ukraine, providing practical support for its resurgence.

On Monday 27th February, the ETF hosted an online webinar to further promote and discuss the report with educational practitioners, institutions, policymakers and citizens from Ukraine, the EU and beyond.  The event was very well attended with more than 650 online participants.

Watch the webinar which can be found on ETF's Open Space.

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