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3 reasons to become a member of ETF Networks

The ETF is working with its partners to advance lifelong learning in EU neighbouring countries. In order to support a wide range of stakeholders involved in education and training, and labour market issues, the ETF has launched 4 networks.

How to join?

If you represent a Vocational Centre and you'd like to join the Network, please, send your request to: 

To know more about the Network and take part, please go to: 

To know more about the Network, please go to:!Pt84wq 

To join the community, please click here and register on Open Space:


3 reasons reasons that you might consider when joining:

1. Get access to new information and ideas and gain more knowledge

One of the biggest advantages of networking is that it provides you an opportunity to gain new knowledge and exchange your ideas with other people. It allows you to get insights and apply your own knowledge. 

2. Gain more connections

Joining the ETF Networks will help you to meet new people and widen your professional networks.

  • If you are working in the field of quality assurance in vocational education and training, you will get a chance to meet with your peers from other countries by joining the Quality Assurance Forum.
  • Are you working in education and you'd like to widen your professional network and meet new national and international colleagues, then join Community of Innovative Educators.

3. Raise your profile as an expert in human capital development

You can attend all open ETF events on the topic of your interest and gain visibility at the international level. 

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