Workshop Development and implementation of qualifications register in Ukraine

ETF has been working closely in Ukraine since 2016 to support the implementation of the NQF, the establishment of an independent Agency for Qualifications, and a new competency based approach for qualifications, standards and curricula in a decentralised VET system, we have been helping to conceptualise the NQS Website and the Register of Qualifications. The work includes the technical side of the register as well as the contents side. The aim of the seminar is to discuss with participants the development of Qualifications Register supported by the ETF and to clarify and agree on the number of policy and technical issues arising in the process. The register is a very important tool for the implementation of the qualifications system. In the register all quality assured qualifications that are part of the national qualifications framework will be included, moreover, the register will have links to the repository of occupational standards, the education standards, and the accredited qualification centres. The register will be linked with EDEBO. The register will be integrated in the NQS website and will be managed by the National Qualifications Agency. The afternoon session of the seminar will be dedicated to sharing experience and ideas regarding development of qualifications registers with several ETF partner countries.

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Agenda_Seminar on qualifications register 10.07.2019
Agenda_Seminar on qualifications register 10.07.2019_UKR
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Garmash_NQFregister_10.07.19 UA
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