Webinar: Online event Working together on VET Multilevel Governance in Moldova: discussing mid-term achievements for moving forward agenda

The Ministry of Education Culture and Research (MECR) of the Republic of Moldova and the European Training Foundation (ETF) are working together very closely, since the beginning of 2020, on assessing effectiveness -and efficiency - of VET system in Moldova. This is being done using ETF VET Good Multilevel Governance toolbox ([1]).

The webinar should help validating the work done by ETF experts in cooperation with relevant stakeholders, as well on informing how the country can make best use of the conclusions of the work done until now. Please find attached proposed agenda together with the Executive Summary of the Assessment Report on “Vet good Multilevel Governance in Moldova”.


([1] ) Please, ETF kindly invites you to register on:  https://openspace.etf.europa.eu/

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Executive summary of the "VET MLG in Moldova assessment report"
Flash Report