Webinar of ETF Forum for Quality Assurance in VET: Quality assurance in continuing vocational training

The Forum for Quality Assurance in Vocational Education and Training (QA Forum) of the European Training Foundation has organised a webinar dedicated to the quality assurance in continuing vocational training, on 19 November

The ETF QA Forum is a transnational collaboration initiative between national institutions with VET quality assurance mandates in ETF's partner countries. The aim of the Forum is to support member countries to modernise and improve quality assurance in VET.

The ETF experience in quality assurance suggests that most QA systems are targeting initial vocational and education training, while continuing vocational training is partially covered. Through this webinar, ETF would like to share the experience of some ETF QA forum members in quality assuring continuing vocational training and bring a European perspective about that.  Experts from Republic of Moldova, Montenegro, Tunisia and the EU will share their experiences and perspectives.

More information can be found on the ETF Open Space (presentations, background material, recordings).

ETF webinar on continuing vocational training | Open Space (europa.eu)

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