VET Decentralisation, Financing and Innovation: Exploring Governance Challenges and Options

The workshop will explore how VET decentralisation, financing and innovation are connected and mutually supportive, in context of multilevel governance. In particular, the discussion will highlight how these three factors should integrate in human capital strategies, in order to achieve territories’ smart and sustainable development.
The meeting format will favour policy learning between EU member states and partner countries, they will be able to blend knowledge, practice and lessons learned on VET multilevel governance. Moreover, group work will aim at new knowledge on how VET and skills system can lead towards employment and economic growth in partner countries.
The expected outcomes are: (i) stronger expertise on viable options for VET multilevel governance in partner countries; (ii) stronger awareness of needed steps to implement VET decentralisation; (iii) cross-country networking in view on additional fertilisation and peer learning in future.