UnConference 'Skills for the Future'

What’s this all about? Have you ever heard of an event where the participants plan and organise the agenda on the spot? Does that sound chaotic or even scary? Or perhaps you consider it a brilliant way of boosting creativity and sharing ideas?
To address the challenging topic of the future of skills and work, the European Training Foundation is organising the Skills for the Future – UnConference on Tuesday 20 November between 17:00 and 21:00 in Turin, Italy. It will be an inspirational, participatory event to discuss future challenges and current solutions to skills and work in the future.
Why should you get involved? By attending the UnConference you will have the chance to meet 60 innovators from businesses, collaborative spaces, training providers, academia, and public bodies from Italy, the EU and neighbouring countries.
Together with them, you will set the agenda, and decide on the topics to be discussed: issues to which you are seeking solutions, or presentations of examples for good practice, to address the future of skills and work. You will have a chance to work together to get input on projects or share your expertise.
What you will bring home? The conversations will focus on the following question:
What solutions can we build together to prepare for changes in the world of skills and work?
At the end of the event you will have gathered intelligence, and exchanged knowledge and contacts with a dedicated community of innovators and change-makers, active on the ground – in Italy, in the EU, and beyond.

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