Torino Process 2018-20 meeting in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The fifth round of Torino Process in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) was announced on 7 November 2018 in Sarajevo. Since then the Ministry of Civil Affairs (MoCA), assisted by an expert contracted by the ETF, launched consultations with stakeholders from all entities, with a view to collect relevant data and evidence. A first draft of the state-wide reporting framework was produced and submitted to the MoCA for comments. Torino Process intelligence provides important inputs to wider European Commission planning and monitoring processes related to BiH.

Some 30 participants took part to the event organised in Mostar with the participation of public and private sector representatives from Republika Srpska, Federation of BiH, including cantons and Brcko District. The meeting was chaired by Vesna Puratic, senior advisor for education at the Ministry of Civil Affairs, with opening statements as to importance of human capital developments for BiH preparations to join the European Union by Aida Duric, Head of European Integration at the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

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