Torino Process 2018-20 launch meeting in Belarus

The Republic of Belarus has participated in the Torino process since 2010 and has taken full ownership and responsibility of the Torino process report in past editions. The 5th round of the Torino Process builds on this high level of ownership in view of improving the scope and usefulness of the Torino Process further.

In terms of usefulness and relevance of Torino process, the Torino Process report will inform the next European Union (EU) programming exercise. In fact the launching of the Torino process coincided purposely with the EU programming mission.

An important new feature of the next edition of the Torino Process is the interest to carry out more detailed consultations with stakeholders in several regions of Belarus, such as Brest and Vitebsk. These two regions are involved in the new Vocational Education and Training (VET) project of the EU and are also focal regions for future EU support. Torino Process will allow to understand better how the governance of VET works at a sub-national level but also to feed into identifying specific context of VET and skills development.

The event of 5 March introduced the Torino Process 2018-20 round, familiarised stakeholders with its revised reporting framework and principles, and developed the work programme for its implementation in Belarus. The relevance of the Torino Process findings to support EU programming and national policy development were also discussed, building on lessons learnt from the past. 

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