Skills mismatch in Kyrgizstan (hybrid event)

The European Training Foundation (ETF) has launched in 2020 a new initiative for measuring the incidence of skills mismatches in the EU Neighbourhood and Central Asia (ETF Partner Countries). Several countries have been included in the first and second phase of the project, including Kyrgyz Republic.
The objectives of the skills mismatch assessment in the Partner Countries are as follows:
• To calculate skills mismatch indicators, with focus on vertical and, where possible, horizontal mismatch, on relevant age groups (e.g. young vs. adults) and types of education (e.g. VET vs. non-VET),
• To take stock of innovation in data interpretation to better inform education and employment policies,
• To provide documented inputs to regular monitoring processes or progress updates on education and labour markets in the ETF Partner Countries, including orientation of EU funding/support in the respective countries.
To this end, the European Training Foundation and Economix Research and Consulting have developed and calculated a standard set of indicators for measuring skills mismatches, in line with data availability and accessibility in the Partner Countries, and international and European standard approaches and definitions or previous research (ILO, ILOSTAT, EUROSTAT, CEDEFOP, OECD).
The objectives of this meeting are to share the preliminary results of mismatch calculation using the labour force datasets of Kyrgyz Republic and discuss the main takeaways for policy actions, or new opportunities to expand skills research as well as capacity building in the area of skills intelligence and further opportunities for cooperation with the ETF and other stakeholders.
The working languages of the event are Russian and English.

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