Open Educational Resources (OER) for teachers and trainers

30 October 2023, 14:00 – 15:30 cest


Organized by the ETF Community of Innovative Educators in collaboration with UNESCO-UNEVOC and the International Council on Open and Distance Education 


The use of digital educational content released with an open license, also called Open Educational Resources (OER), is both a way to increase access to education and training and a trigger for teaching innovation, since it can support co-creation of knowledge and active engagement of learners.

Using OER is relatively easy, both for educators who want to release their content with an open license and for those who want to use and adapt content produced by others. Still, some specific knowledge and competences, as well as a change of mindset are needed for this to happen effectively and sustainably.

Following on introduction presenting the concepts of open licenses and OER, the webinar will outline some practical guidelines for educators, both from the point of view of OER experts coming from international organisations such as UNESCO-UNEVOC and the International Council of Open and Distance Education, and of actual teachers and trainers who are using OER in their daily work.

As usual, after the webinar we will devote a session to getting ideas on how this theme can be further explored in the ETF Community of Innovative Educators.

Intepretation: EN/AR/RUS

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