A new impetus to National Qualifications Framework (NQF) and better qualifications in Georgia

This 2-days workshop takes place at a crucial crossroads moment of the evolution of the NQF. The debate and topics to be discussed contribute to deepen the reflection on the options and challenges standing before the stakeholders: how to make the NQF a more relevant and dynamic pillar of the national qualifications system, understandable and used by learners, workers, employers and all actors of the LLL and employment system.
Thematic focus of the workshop relates to the core aspects of functionning of any NQF: levelling and inclusion and qualifications in the NQF. The workshop will provide an opportunity to explore practices, methodologies, quality assurance and organisation of levelling and inclusion of qualifications in the NQF. The preliminary findings of the Baseline analysis of state-of-play of NQF implementation and transition to its new phase will be discussed and participants will share their views and proposals on the way forward.

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