How to use ETF guidelines for designing, issuing and recognising micro-credentials?

The objective of this online event is to present the ETF Guidelines for designing, issuing and recognising micro-credentials and to discuss how they can be used in designing policies for micro-credentials both at national and provider levels.

Following an e-survey launched in 2021 collecting input from more than five-hundred organisations, providers and experts, and considering the growing interest in micro-credentials in ETF partner countries and beyond, in 2022-23 ETF designed specific guidelines for developing and recognising micro-credentials.

Guidelines provide a set of recommendations based on experiences in producing micro-credentials and recognition of small learning experiences to support countries in developing their national frameworks for micro-credentials and guide individual providers to design, issue and recognise micro-credentials.

These guidelines have been created following a participative approach in which many experts and practitioners from the EU, ETF partner countries and beyond, and international agencies, have been consulted and contributed in shaping the guidelines. The EU Council Recommendation on a European Approach to Micro-Credentials for lifelong learning and employability has been a guiding reference, that also builds on many existing practices and initiatives.

The working language will be English with simultaneous interpretation in French and Russian

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