Financing mechanisms and tools for work-based learning (WBL) in Georgia. Ways and means for engaging stakeholders

The ETF regional project on work-based learning in VET (‘Skills Connexion’) aims to promote policy development and implementation of work-based learning in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.
In 2016 an analysis and “feasibility check” of the WBL schemes in the partner countries was carried out, using a special ‘readiness tool’. This tool has been designed to help ETF partner countries work through the key issues that need to be thought about when introducing or improving work-based learning arrangements as part of vocational education and training. The intention is that, in working through issues and thinking of solutions, it can act as a learning tool to deepen stakeholders' understanding of work-based learning.  
A focus group discussion was held in November 2016 in Georgia in the framework of the ETF Skills Connexion Project. The discussion topic suggested the Georgian country team was financing of WBL, in particular financing of apprenticeships or dual VET. The outcome of the focus group was to carry an in-depth feasibility check of some aspects of WBL financing or exploring options for financing of WBL in Georgia.
In 2017 the ETF support to Georgia focused on VET financing and particularly on incentives. A feasibility analysis of financial incentives for companies to boost WBL in Georgia has been carried out by the ETF. The report describes also the state of play with VET financing in Georgia as a basis for dialogue on future policy reforms of the financing system.
As agreed with Georgian partners, this Policy Learning Workshop will build on the findings of this study and on a number of European cases to explore financing mechanisms for work-based learning that could foster further implementation and scaling-up of WBL, with particular attention to incentives for private sector engagement.
This workshop also builds on the expertise developed by the ETF in the field of governance and financing of VET and work based learning.
This workshop pursues four main objectives:
1. Work-based Learning: Based on the lessons learned from Skills Connexion project and other donor projects promoting WBL, to identify main challenges and key success factors for the development of WBL;
2. Financing: Raise awareness and reach a common understanding, across key Georgian public and private stakeholders, on the financing mechanisms and tools available to support WBL;
3. Exposure to policy choices and sharing relevant experiences of incentives in the EU member states;
4. Identifying possible next steps and stakeholders’ respective commitments for progress in WBL.

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