ETF Network for Excellence: VET Career Guidance Excellence Model – A tool for VET providers to ensure high quality services and processes

In order to better understand the needs and ambitions of its members, the ETF’s Network for Excellence (ENE) has developed the ENE self-assessment tool (ENESAT - Self-assessment for centres of vocational excellence | ETF ( ENESAT is currently further developed into the INTERNATIONAL SELF-ASSESSMENT TOOL FOR CENTRES OF VOCATIONAL EXCELLENCE (ISATCOVE). The excellence model for career guidance in VET, that ETF developed, meets the needs of the comprehensive and exhaustive self-assessment framework ISATCOVE and can easily be integrated into the same. Career guidance also currently is one of the core modules of the ENE self-assessment tool and therefore a key performance area for Centres of Vocational Excellence (COVEs). VET is seen by the EU as a vehicle to support inclusive and fair transitions of individuals to a digital and green economy and as core enabler of lifelong learning. Since career guidance lies at the heart of lifelong learning systems, investment in high quality career guidance is not a “nice to have” but an absolute must.


The event aims at

  • Presenting the new ETF ENE excellence tool for career guidance in VET for COVEs;
  • Sharing experience in the piloting of the tool in Armenian COVEs;
  • Sharing inspirational practice about career guidance in VET relevant to COVEs.

The meeting will on 14 December 2023, 11:00 – 12:30 CET and it will be conducted in English on Zoom with simultaneous translation to Russian and French.




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Agenda of the webinar
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