ETF Network for Excellence SISI: Sharing innovation in social inclusion - Work Based Learning and Social Inclusion - third online thematic meeting

The European Training Foundation (ETF)’s Network for Excellence -ENE- was launched in 2020 and is supporting CoVEs (Centers of Vocational Excellence) and VET providers towards excellence in relevant and quality skills delivery through strategic development partnerships. The global ENE network has more than 270 members from more than 40 different countries –and it is still growing. The purpose of ENE is to promote excellence and innovation in VET to support employment and education systems in a lifelong learning perspective.

Within ENE, the Sharing Innovation in Social Inclusion -Skills for Inclusion VET initiative (SISI initiative) conducts peer activities and reviews and provides structured peer learning and practice sharing. It is implemented in collaboration with the ENAIP NET.

This third thematic meeting will share some of the developments and will present some of the results of peer learning and reviews conducted within this partnership as well as selected practice examples. It  will provide reflections and policy recommendations on how VET institutions, policymakers, employer organizations and other relevant stakeholders work together to support the skills for inclusion agenda. It will capture what we have learned as SISI members in the period 2021-2022, and we are looking forward to 2023.

The online webinar will focus on how work based learning can play a crucial role particularly for individuals with fewer opportunities and/or from marginalized communities, who face barriers to accessing education and employment opportunities.

The aim of the meeting is to show how learners can be endowed with hands-on experience in real work settings and how work based learning enables them to develop the practical skills, knowledge, confidence, and job-specific competencies that increase their employability and social mobility.

Addressing the skills gap between job seekers and employer needs, work-based learning can ensure that learners are prepared to meet the demands of their chosen field. Overall, work-based learning offers a transformative pathway to access employment opportunities and achieve economic empowerment, thereby promoting social inclusion.

The event will be in English without interpretation online on 18 May 2023 from 11.00 to 13.00 CEST.

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