ETF Network for Excellence (ENE) Launch Conference - Centres of Vocational Excellence as engines for VET development Part 1: virtual conference

This conference will launch the ETF Network for Excellence (ENE). The conference will be executed in two parts; the PART1 will take place in virtual format on 3 December 2020 from 09:00 to 13:00 (CET) whereas PART 2 will take place in Turin in March 2021.

ENE is  unique in being an international network of CoVEs in the EU neighbourhood. This package of events brings together its members and important stakeholders to present and discuss progress towards its principal outputs of peer learning, partnerships and tools development.

During the conference participants will discuss the future needs of CoVEs and how these are linked to skills demands and smart specialisation strategies. The core questions of the conference will be:

  • How can CoVEs improve to fulfil their role as engines of development for learners, the VET system and society?
  • How can the  ENE best support CoVEs and VET systems in the EU neighbourhood?
  • How ENE contribute to the EU support services to CoVEs?
  • How can international stakeholders work together through ENE to support the development of CoVEs and the transmission of excellence to national VET systems?

PART 1 is structured around short virtual plenary sessions aiming to trigger interaction and contribution of participants.

See the agenda enclosed.

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Agenda 3 December ENE launch event EN
Agenda 3 December ENE launch event RU
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