ETF Network for Excellence (ENE) “Centres of Vocational Excellence as engines for vocational education and training development: let's excel together without borders"

The third ETF Network for Excellence (ENE) conference will build on the work of Network members learning together at international level and continue the dialogue among Centres of Vocational Excellence (CoVEs) from ETF partner countries, from the EU and beyond. Vocational Excellence is a flagship ETF project.

ENE is unique in being an international network of Centres of Vocational Excellence (CoVEs). It has 258 COVEs, and more than 40 countries worldwide (16 ETF Partner Countries; 10 EU Member States; 14 African (sub-Saharan countries), 3 from Switzerland, 1 Asian country – Philippines).

The event will be organized in two-day sessions to allow for interactivity amongst participants, to foster discussion, peer learning and facilitate networking. The on-line Conference aims at:

  • Continuing the dialogue among Centres of Vocational Excellence (CoVes) ina forward-looking perspective
  • Sharing ENE network developments and results (2021-2022) based on experiences of CoVEs practitioners, policy makers and experts
  • Showcasing some good ENE practices to provide evidence on how ENE is responding to development needs of its members working in partnerships
  • Gaining better understanding on how ENE CoVEs members are effectively using lessons learnt and applied knowledge, in their own contexts, as a result of work done in different ENE thematic sub- initiatives/developmental thematic partnerships.

The event will focus on ETF Vocational Excellence project- ETF Network for Excellence (ENE)- developments and results (2021-2022) including on-ongoing work to strengthen the international dimension of Vocational Excellence (ETF-EC DG Employment cooperation). Special focus will be given to the implications for ETF partner countries.

During the first day, the role of ENE self-assessment tool (ENESAT) will be used to frame overall discussions and knowledge-sharing inputs. The 1st and 2nd. wave of ENESAT results will be shared to support discussions on how ENE CoVEs are developing and transmitting VET Excellence. This will be followed by ENE experiences on Autonomy and Public Private Partnerships (PPPs), plus ENEs green partnership, GRETA (Greening Responses to Excellence through Thematic Actions) supporting the twin transition of digitalisation and greening and ENE DIGI on digitalisation of teaching and learning.  

The second day will focus on sharing relevant developments in ENE thematic partnerships in Social inclusion and Equity (SISI), Career Guidance and Entrepreneurial role of CoVES and Excellence approaches. 

On-going debates and institutional practices on the way forward to pursue VET Internationalization and Vocational Excellence will be introduced (e.g ETF-EC DG Employment cooperation work to strengthening international dimension of Vocational Excellence; Erasmus + projects role, etc.). The conference will conclude focusing on how to smartly use ENE CoVEs practitioner experiences to further inform policy dialogue/reforms in participating countries.  

The event will be delivered in English with simultaneous interpretation to French, Turkish and Russian.





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