ETF Network for Excellence - DIGI ENE initiative: Mentoring methods as supporting mechanism to foster Digital Innovation in Teaching and Learning

DIGI ENE Initiative “Developing and Sharing Excellence on digitalisation of teaching and learning” is one of the initiatives launched in the context of the ETF Network of Excellence.

Digitalisation is transforming societies, having a strong impact on all sectors and our everyday lives. Digital technology is literally everywhere. Traditional teaching & learning methods are going through a transformation to adapt to the needs of the 21st century students and enhance the professional practice of teachers.

The overall objective of the DIGI- ENE initiative is to show how digital teaching and learning can efficiently increase students’ learning, presenting tools and methodologies, and supporting participating Centres of Excellence in integrating new methods and tools in their working environment. 

The online event Mentoring methods as supporting mechanism to foster digital innovation in teaching and learning on 23 May 2023 is the fourth and final thematic webinar. 

The other webinars under DIGI ENE Initiative Developing and Sharing Excellence on digitalisation of teaching and learning - were:

  1. Digital pedagogies (dedicated webinar 31/05/2022)
  2. Digital content & tools (dedicated webinar 16/02/2023)
  3. Teachers’ Digital Competence (dedicated webinar 11/10/2022)

Objectives of the webinar “Mentoring methods as supporting mechanism to foster digital innovation in learning” are the following:

  • introduce & showcase existing models fostering scaling-up of innovation;
  • create and open a platform for discussion and transnational learning among members of the network;
  • support the discussion about the culture of innovation, encouraging educators to try new pedagogical approaches with digital tools;
  • encourage collaboration and communication among educators and staff to foster a sense of community and shared ownership of digital innovation

The event will be in English with interpretation in French and Russian.


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DIGI ENE agenda 23 May 2023