DIGI ENE initiative - Developing and Sharing Excellence on digitalisation of teaching and learning - Webinar on Teachers’ Digital Competencies

DIGI ENE is one of the initiatives launched in the context of the ETF Network of Excellence.
The focus will be digital teaching and learning practices.

The overall objective of the initiative is to show how digital teaching and learning can efficiently increase students’ learning, presenting tools and methodologies, and supporting participating Centres of  Excellence in integrating them in their working environment. 

The webinar on Teachers’ Digital Competencies will:

  • support teachers to develop their digital competence
  • present self-reflection tool of teachers’ digital competence & schools’ readiness in relation to digital technology
  • open a platform for discussion and transnational learning among members of the network &
  • present teachers’ collaboration & peer-learning methods accelerating digital innovation in schools 

For more information, please see the attached agenda.

More information

Agenda DIGI ENE event on 11 October 2022 EN
Agenda DIGI ENE event on 11 October 2022 FR
Agenda DIGI ENE event on 11 October 2022 RU