Building Green - Building Skills ecosystems -Moving forward in provision of skills for the green transition

The online event Building Green - Building Skills ecosystems  will take place on 15 February 2024 from 12.00 to 14.30 CET, and it will focus on skills for a green future.

The event falls under ETF's Network for Excellence – ENE - GRETA initiative.

ENE Network supports vocational excellence development together with more than 290 centres of vocational excellence from more than 40 countries.

ENE' s global green VET partnership, GRETA (Greening Responses to Excellence through Thematic Actions), supports greening of VET as response to the green and digital transitions.

GRETA's whole institutional framework sets the methodological frame for greening of VET around five interlinked dimensions: 1) Strategies for going green 2) Green curricula 3) Enabling teachers and trainers 4) Stakeholder collaboration 5) Funding and policy alignment.

During the 15th February event, we will zoom in on skills ecosystems, their stakeholders, and CoVEs as their important partners and how to move forward in providing skills for the green transition.

We will unpack the skills ecosystem and look into the dynamics of green partnerships to identify actors and enabling factors for efficient skills provision. Centers of Vocational Excellence will share their experience and practices from engagement in their regional skills ecosystems.

The main key takeaways from the event will be:

  • Awareness of dynamics of skills eco systems relating to the green transition
  • Knowledge on practices and examples from CoVEs
  • Update on relevant developments and activities at the EU level and next steps in GRETA

For more information contact Lead Expert, Susanne M. Nielsen at ETF and visit the web: GRETA’s Open Space page.

The online meeting will be in English with simultaneous interpretation in French, Ukrainian, Turkish and Russian

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