Assuring quality in vocational training

The ETF approach to promoting quality assurance in VET is based on a conceptual framework focusing on five key areas: policy and governance; qualifications standards; provision; assessment, validation, certification and data. It comprises sample measures and indicators, has a European and international perspective, and aims to support the development of a quality culture.

In 2017, ETF launched the Forum for Quality Assurance in VET. This Forum comprises the representatives of government ministries and national authorities/agencies with responsibilities for quality assurance in VET. Sixteen partner countries from South-Eastern Europe, Turkey and the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean participate in the Forum.

The purpose of the Forum is to support its member countries to modernise and improve quality assurance in VET through transnational peer learning. Aligning with EU policy for quality assurance in VET, including the Reference Framework, and linking with the EQAVET Network provides access to EU/Member States’ developments and facilitates wider networking.

The ETF Forum is a collective effort and members agreed a strategic approach and a 2-year work plan; they decide where to focus their energies and resources. Members collaborate to improve quality assurance in VET by pooling knowledge and know-how, monitoring and reporting on national developments in quality assurance, strengthening national approaches to evidence collection, analysis and feedback, engaging in peer visits and joint projects and disseminating good examples of policy and practice.

Areas of priority interest under exploration in the Forum include: quality assuring VET qualifications, programmes and VET provider institutions; addressing specific quality assurance needs related to learning in the work place, including effective school-enterprise collaboration, and quality assurance considerations related to the utilisation of robust and reliable data for VET improvement.

In the short-term, it is expected that this Forum of expertise with its ambitious work plan will result in: members increasing their understanding of each other’s quality assurance systems; improved and accessible knowledge bases on national quality assurance approaches, practices and instruments; strengthened relationships to facilitate transnational collaboration and enhanced capabilities to promote new ideas and practices nationally for the improvement of quality assurance in VET.