Tier list skills for the future

#37 - Which skills are most useful: ranked by education experts

In the 37th episode, we're tackling the skills that could make us relevant and indispensable to future employers. In this episode, we present the Tier List of skills for the future job market. As the landscape rapidly evolves with spread of technologies such as AI, we observe the uncertainty surrounding future labor markets. Therefore staying ahead of all those changes requires a strategic approach to skill development from young people, workers and learners. 

Our guest speakers are Francesca Rosso and Romain Boitard, experts from the European Training Foundation.  Together with them we're constructing a tier list of essential skills vital for future employability. From analytical thinking to languages, each skill holds significance in the evolving job landscape. Throughout the episode, we explore what these skills entail, where to learn them, and how to best equip ourselves for the future. 

Host: Maria Lvova Zolotarevskaya, ETF



Tier list skills for future