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#36 - AI revolution: the end of education as we know it?

In the 36th episode, we dive into the revolutionary role of artificial intelligence on education. With our expert speakers, Serena Sacks-Mandel, Chief Technology Officer for Education at Microsoft, and Pilvi Torsti, Director of the European Training Foundation, we share insights on AI biases, regulation challenges, and the changing role of teachers in the AI era. We discuss the delicate balance between embracing AI innovation and implementing responsible regulations to ensure its ethical use.

Discover how educational institutions, like New York City public schools, have moved from complete ban of ChatGPT in the school environment to harnessing the power of AI in the classroom.

The conversation touches on the global implications of AI regulation, the digital divide, and the critical role educators play in preparing students for the future.

Host: Maria Lvova Zolotarevskaya