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#25 - Investing in education: putting people and skills at the heart of financial decision-making


The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), one of the biggest investors in EU neighbouring countries, provides development loans to both governments and private companies. It was one of the first banks to make social inclusion and equality a prerequisite to being awarded a loan. But how is this policy implemented across EBRD very diverse geographical regions and contexts? Also,

❓ How can skills development help us to build more inclusive businesses that support our societies in becoming more fair and just?

❓ How does the European Training Foundation (ETF) work to help governments, institutions and companies make informed decisions to help build more inclusive societies?

Listen to this 25th episode of our Skills Factory podcast series, in which we discuss these important issues with Biljana Radonjic Ker-Lindsay, EBRD Associate Director, and Cristina Mereuta, ETF Expert.

Host: Maria Lvova Zolotarevskaya

#Skills4Change #EuropeanYearOfSkills