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#23 - Win-Win-Win: making the most of migrants' skills?


In 2021 there were 23.7m migrants in the EU and since the beginning of the Russian aggression against Ukraine in February 2022, nearly 8m additional Ukrainian citizens have fled to the EU as refugees.

All these people could be effectively incorporated into the European labour market, helping to contribute to the bloc's economic growth.  But when it comes to recognising the skills that migrants bring with them, what are the challenges that need to be addressed?

❓ What could be done better to recognise migrants' full potential?

❓ How can we ensure that migrants' skills help to solve major economic and social problems?

❓ How can Europe better integrate the migrant labour force to mitigate the impact of its ageing population?

❓ Do EU neighbouring countries suffer the effects of 'brain drain' as a consequence of their most educated citizens emigrating to the EU?

❓ Could closing the borders avoid 'brain drain'?

Listen to the new episode of the Skills Factory where we will answer all these questions together with Ummuhan Bardak, an expert in the skills dimension of migration from the European Training Foundation.

Host: Maria Lvova Zolotarevskaya

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