#21 – From school to work: what can we do to help young people succeed

When we talk about the transition from school to work, we refer to an important and hopefully exciting time in all young people’s lives – the moment when they can find a job that enables them to put into practice all the skills they have acquired throughout their education and training.  But how can we ensure young people leave education with the right skills to succeed in today’s labour market?

  • What do we really know about the transition from school to work?
  • Are new graduates equipped with the skills they need for the world of work?
  • What tools can we use to assess the relevance of today’s training programmes?

We discuss all these issues and more in the new episode with Martino Rubal Maseda, expert involved with Palestinian tracer studies, and Eva Jansova, expert from the European Training Foundation.

Host: Susan Howells

#Skills4Change #EuropeanYearofSkills