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#11 - The value of partnerships in education: 1+1=3

In this episode, we talk to Helene Overmeer, coordinator international projects at HMC, school for wood, furniture and interior professionals, in the Netherlands. And we also chat with Pirita Vuorinen, Senior Human Capital Development Expert and Coordinator for Engaging Enterprises in Skills Development, European Training Foundation.

Helene and Pirita have been working together on international project boosting innovation in the wood sector. Their work focuses on smart specialisation, an approach which identifies and supports those areas where a region is already really good at. This is the case of Rivne, a region in Ukraine, having eloped an economy centred on woodworking.

What led them to do this?

Why did they decide to engage in this international cooperation activity? What were the benefits for the Netherlands and for Ukraine?

And, last but not least, why is the smart specialisation approach so special and so effective?