Towards a greener energy sector in Albania

Producing at least 90% of its electricity from hydropower, Albania has a vibrant energy sector. Although it might undergo some pressure in terms of water scarcity by the year 2040, a recent ETF report analysing the Albanian energy sector, and the changing needs for skills and employment, indicates that renewables, such as solar energy and wind, offer untapped potential in the country.

Current challenges facing the Albanian energy sector revolve around the need to diversify energy supply, increase efficiency and savings, and improve the management of the network. Thanks to economic growth, energy consumption has increased by 10% between 2009 and 2016 and the country needs to develop new energy solutions while at the same time, preserving environmental sustainability.

As a result, there is a growing trend to focus on digitalization and the use of modern technology as a means to drive more innovation in the energy sector, one that allows for more efficient production, transmission and distribution of energy.

The ETF report concludes with a set of policy recommendations that includes increasing overall awareness about the profitability of renewable technologies, and their added value for business, along with strengthening communication channels between the education and business community. Moreover, it highlights the importance of developing a long term nationwide strategy that would act as a roadmap for the development of the energy sector in terms of investments, future development projects, and employment and skills implications.

Read our latest report on the energy sector in Albania here.

The topics of the report and others will be discussed during the ETF's webinar on 13 May 2022, Skilling for the Energy Transition. Join us!

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