How can we predict the skills of the future? Join our event to find out!

ETF Skills Lab Network of Experts, 13-14 June 2022

Interested in the future of work and identifying the skills needed in times of rapid change and many unknowns? Then register here for the streaming of the meeting of the ETF Skills Lab Network of Experts which will focus on just that - skills anticipation and matching, and skills demand analysis. It is taking place in Pollenzo, Turin on 13-14 June 2022 with streaming from 9 am until 12 noon. 

Events such as the global financial crisis, the COVID pandemic, and the Russian aggression in Ukraine force us to navigate through these unpredictable and tough times. We must rethink the way we analyse labour market demand and anticipate future skills needs, and question the reliability and credibility of traditional tools, approaches and assumptions made.

Both high-tech and traditional sectors are exposed, and education and training systems need to equip all individuals and societies with the ability to learn and to adapt to change, as well as with the skills sets known for those sectors today.

This event brings together participants from ETF partner countries and internationally renowned experts who will mentor and guide teams to develop the best solutions to specific challenges in today's labour market. Not to be missed!

More information will be available from the dedicated page on the ETF's Open Space and throughout our social media channels. 

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