Helping institutions with digital inclusion in the EU neighbourhood


Inclusion in the digital transition means equipping people, especially those at risk of marginalisation, with the skills, competence and self-belief to participate and assert themselves in the digital world.  

For this to happen institutions and organisations must be digitally ready, especially schools. This was a key focus of the European Commission’s recent SELFIE Forum which took place in October 2021 to which the ETF and representatives from ETF partner countries Ukraine and Serbia.

“Digital skills are the way to ensure that everyone can contribute, participate and benefit,” said ETF Director Cesare Onestini as panellist, “and with the aid of the European Commission’s SELFIE tool in the EU neighbourhood schools as in the European Union, schools are being supported to exert their influence and make this reality”.

ETF partner countries and SELFIE

SELFIE offers schools a practical way to begin using and assessing the use of technologies for teaching and learning. It helps schools identify and fill the gaps. It brings together the perspective of school leaders from different schools and empowers students by giving them a voice which can then influence the curricula making it more student oriented. Find out more in the ETF video below what students from North Macedonia think of SELFIE.

In Ukraine, school principals, teachers and students providing feedback on the value of SELFIE in a video blog encourage other schools to join and share and learn from each other although the need for continued monitoring is highlighted.  Find out more in the video below.

More on SELFIE

SELFIE (Self-reflection on Effective Learning by Fostering the use of Innovative Educational technologies) is a free tool designed to help schools embed digital technologies into teaching, learning and assessment SELFIE | Education and Training (europa.eu). Over the past three years it has reached more than 1.8 million school leaders, teachers and students allowing them to self-reflect on their school’s digital capacity and its further development;

SELFIE WBL for work-based learning contexts, being launched at the Forum to improve coordination between VET schools and training companies and jointly embedding digital technology training and apprenticeship programmes;

SELFIE for TEACHERS, a self-reflection tool to facilitate the development of teachers’ digital competence which has already been used by more than 4.000 teachers in five countries during a pilot study and has been officially launched on the 5th of October 2021, on World Teachers’ Day.

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