ETF boosting Open Education Resources for teachers

The “Teacher Booster” is a series of high-quality learning videos for teachers and other actors in lifelong learning particularly at times of remote learning as witnessed during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The videos highlight the importance of key competences for all learners and are just one Open Education Resource (OER) produced by the ETF in close partnership with another institution, in this case the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (EU JRC).

The ETF’s Open Education Resources are being highlighted this month on all of the ETF’s social media channels as part of its communication campaign focusing on teachers and innovative teaching.

Other ETF produced resources include the ETF's READY model (Reference model for Educators' Activities and Development in the 21st-centurY) and the Digital Needs Analysis for Teachers Tool (DNATT) .

The READY model offers a structured way to identify the professional practices and development needs of 21st-century educators. It is a flexible reference model that can be used by various education and training stakeholders. Prospective, novice and experienced educators, mentors, professional learning communities and networks, providers of initial education and professional development, administrators, researchers, policymakers, and other VET and/or adult learning stakeholders can use the reference model to identify and improve practices and identify professional learning needs.

The ETF’s Digital Needs Analysis for Teachers Tool (DNATT) gives teachers the opportunity to self-assess their digital competences and assess their training needs. The tool builds upon the European Digital Competence Framework for Educators (DigCompEdu) that defines 22 digital competences organised in 6 Areas. DNATT was developed and piloted by ETF in partnership with ERI SEE, EU’s JRC and the national authorities and 123 schools of Albania, Montenegro, Moldova, North Macedonia and Serbia.

The ETF also shares other tools produced by the European Commission with stakeholders in the EU's neighbouring regions such as the SELFIE tool which is implemented at school level for improving digital readiness and advancing teachers’ digital competence.

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