E-learning course on skills in labour migration

From 3 May until 25 June 2021 the online course on the Skills Dimensions of Labour Migration, jointly designed and co-facilitated by the ETF’s experts, will be held by the International Training Centre of the International Labour Organization (ITCILO). 

Join this course to learn how to improve and diversify the skills of migrants.

The course is targeted to experts in skills development and migration, in particular policy-makers and technical advisors; representatives of workers' and employers' organizations; representatives of local authorities and other state actors; experts and technical staff from NGOs and other civil society organizations.

Participants to the course will learn about the skills dimensions of migration and how to design programmes to improve skills development and recognition initiatives for migrants. 

Key topics include:

• Skills anticipation and matching

• Transparency, recognition and portability of skills

• Skills development for migrant workers before, during and after migration

• Dynamics of skills mobility and skills partnerships for development

Participants will also learn about:

• The role and scope of bilateral labour migration agreements

• Benefits for using skills anticipation and matching tools

• Diversity of labour migrant support measures from employment and skills perspectives

• Best practices in skills development and recognition to boost employability for migrant workers

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