Call for papers

The ETF has launched a call for papers from interested experts, practitioners and researchers on the main theme of Governing Human Capital Development in the transition of responding to climate action.

The expected contributions should cover at least one of the following topics:

  • Institutional subsidiarity in a new economic and social context: Actions and Actors at a local level for addressing environment related challenges
  • Inclusive lifelong learning in the context of a sustainable economy
  • Co-managing the transitions. Interacting strategies for Businesses, People and Places
  • Public-private partnerships for skills development
  • Bridging urban, rural, maritime, and coastal economies
  • Financing and budgeting human capital development

Submissions are welcome in the above topics, specifically, or in combination of the topics.

The deadline for submission: 1 March 2020

To know more about the call: 

To submit your paper: 

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